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September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

i have been watching a completely unhealthy and often times ridiculous amount of “mad men” lately. we won’t get into numbers here but let’s just say i’m almost done with season 4 and i only began watching the series back in august. you do the math. in my defense, we’re cancelling netflix soon so i’m determined to get my money’s worth.

in other news, i painted my nails with sparkly gold glitter the other day (between episodes, of course) and i kind of like them. they make me feel put together when i’m bumming around in a robe and gym shorts – though i did step out for an interview yesterday, so perhaps my days spent in mismatched loungewear are numbered. i can only hope.

back to mad men. the show is pure eye candy, and i’m not just talking about jon hamm (drool). it’s so rich with detail that i often find myself forgetting about the stories and focusing on the set design and impeccably styled outfits instead, which means lots of rewinding. it’s really getting in the way of my rigorous television schedule, if you can imagine.

here are a couple of mad men-inspired things i’m currently craving…

mad men

bb dakota classic stunner dress, $92 at modcloth. so portrait-ready with an updo, vintage belt, and textured tights.

j. crew mona pumps, $248. appropriately satiny and mustard-hued (the squeeze-bottle variety, of course).

nars pure matte lipstick in carthage, $25 at barneys. perfect for a demure yet notice-me pop of color.

champagne toast bracelet by carolee, $45 at bloomingdale’s. to be worn on your champagne-holding hand, naturally.

jacket by tulle, $95. cute, cozy, and the perfect cover-up for a shoulder-baring, curve-hugging dress.

bow bridge kennedy satchel, $445 at kate spade. equal parts work and play in a sturdy yet delicate silhouette.

city storyteller scarf, $52 at madewell. this is kitschy, vintage-inspired charm done right.

…and a typewriter, so you can come up with the winning pitch, get promoted and treat yourself to everything on this list!

hello! and a lovely sunday.

August 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

hello! welcome to my little blog.

this is me 🙂

i’ve dabbled in a fair bit of blogging in the past, but never really maintained a blog of my own, so here goes!

today was one of those sundays that every weekend should have, for no particular reason. it began with pie – actually that probably explains a lot of it – as all good days should. it sounds glamorous, but really just entailed my friend (baker of said pie) and i standing at my kitchen counter in pajamas, eating appetizer-sized forkfuls of apricot pie out of mini anthropologie cups. hey, if you’re going to be lazy, you may as well do it in style (or so they say).

then we were off to the ferry building! in a perfect world i would begin each day wandering from shop to shop, with a cup of blue bottle coffee in one hand and a miette macaron in the other, or maybe one of those funny little cones filled with salumi. okay, maybe just once a week. that whole place, touristy as it may be, has a certain charm that gets me every time.

a hop, skip and a jump later, we ended up at madewell… and this happened:

a skirt with perfectly imperfect spots – i can’t wait to pair it with tights in the fall! and a plaid top with the sweetest rounded collar.

..and then a quick tip-toe through kate spade, where i scooped up the 2011 wall calendar (i realize this is a bit nuts seeing as it is august and all).

i had to do a fair bit of cajoling to convince the boyfriend that our apartment needs twelve kate spade art prints framed and scattered across our walls, but i think i may have succeeded. i mean, i baked sprinkle-topped sugar cookies and everything. those are convincing in and of themselves. apartment decor negotiation is no joke, i tell you.

bye for now!

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