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September 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

this guy.

paddington bear and i were friends when i was little. he sat on the table in the corner of my room next to my bed, nestled between a (then) life-sized mickey mouse cassette player and a basket teeming with my little ponies of every size and shade. but then, he met the fate that most of my stuffed toys did, in the form of a neurotic (albeit very sweet) sheltie named biscuit with a penchant for plush bear ears.*


every fall, i get a hankering for a good toggle coat. burberry makes a fabulously authentic one, but i can’t fathom spending that much on something i’ll only wear half the year. (oh wait… this is san francisco. shhh.)

but then i saw this:

it’s from delias! excuse me, dELiAs. and it’s $99.50 (but i’m feeling lucky and thinking a coupon code will appear any day now, wink wink). i haven’t ordered from delias since i was thirteen years old. i would “read” (hah) it over and over on the car rides between skating practice and school, circling the tees and jeans i HAD had had to have. uhh… that doesn’t sound like anyone i know, nope nope..

some renditions of paddington (his cousins, perhaps) feature the beloved bear with a carry-on of sorts. my pick? this bookish bag from cambridge satchel company. it comes in a bevy of colors from classic to fluorescent, and while brown would be the practical way to go, something about the orange is calling my name.

this would be the smart choice.

but this is just so spontaneous and modern. too much? 🙂

onto the shoes. red hunter wellies would be oh-so-proper, wouldn’t they? my short green ones are anxiously awaiting some rain (read: me, not so much) so i’d opt for these cranberry-colored marais usa flats.

well, i guess we know who i have to thank for my current style inclinations.

*…if only he could hear me.

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