an apple a day

September 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

..keeps the doctor away, unless it’s chopped and baked into an apple and cinnamon-studded muffin. bad lisanne. very good recipe.

these apple cinnamon crumble muffins may not be health food, but they’re great for the unexpectedly sunny fall mornings we’ve been having around here. plus, i used whole wheat flour and almond milk, so how bad can they be? assuming there are any left, i’ll be sending them home with tomorrow night’s dinner guests… a preventative measure, if you will. i simply cannot be trusted around anything with a cinnamon sugar crumb topping.

now if you’ll excuse me, i need to take care of this guy:

meet bruce. according to his papers he’s a jumbo dog from china, but i’m willing to bet one of his parents was a bernese.

the boyfriend and i were at target returning a few things, and this floofy fellow caught my eye. basically living in an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs is slowly turning me into a sad and grouchy person, so i couldn’t help myself. we made a deal. boyfriend said if the dog was still there when we were done, i could have him, so naturally i knelt down, told him to “stay,” and what do you know? he was there when we came back.

in addition to “stay,” he also knows “quiet” and doesn’t shed at all! but the shoes… oh, those are going to be a problem.

better make that sad, grouchy and a little bit crazy.

anyway… muffins! go make them. they’ve been known to undo all the crazy.


like taking poptarts from strangers

September 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

i spent an entire muni ride downtown thinking about poptarts. it began something like this:

strange dude sitting next to me: (mumbling) you want a poptart?

me: excuse me?

strange dude: (takes out a telltale foil package) you want a poptart?

me: uh, no thanks. are they frosted?

strange dude: uh huh.


my parents taught me very early on not to take candy from strangers. i’m fairly certain this rule also applies to asking strangers whether their toaster pastries are frosted or not, but the thought of someone eating a frosting-less poptart kind of makes me sad and i couldn’t help but inquire.

now if strange dude had produced one of these:

well, we’d have a different situation on our hands. to be honest i baked these a looong time ago so if you were to knock on my door and request one, you might be disappointed. the recipe is from the lovely smitten kitchen – she has a nutella version too, which is definitely on my baking bucket list! you have one of those, right?

i know what you’re thinking. where is the frosting? what’s with the naked poptarts? what were you thinking?

i know, i know, i know. to be fair, i baked these buttery treats for a breakfast function. at a hospital. if i frosted them with anything, i’d have to sprinkle them with cholesterol medicine afterwords, ’cause you can’t have frosting without sprinkles.


i know at least one person out there agrees with me.

uh huh.

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