cookie decorating for lazy bakers

December 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

i love the idea of meticulously decorated cookies, but the process makes me nervous.

here’s what i do.

step 1: bake cookies. i used target’s store brand sugar cookie mix – super easy and just as good, if not better than scratch. there is a time and a place for store-bought mixes. this is one of them!

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strawberry coconut cookie swirls

November 22, 2011 § 3 Comments

if i were a cookie, i’d want to be one of these.

i love that they’re reminiscent of those giant swirly lollipops at carnivals and old-fashioned candy stores. i found the recipe on sprinkle bakes but added my own twist, in the form of shredded coconut (that i further shredded in the food processor). the result is a delightfully sweet, buttery cookie that has just a hint of strawberry and coconut flavoring without tasting artificial.

best of all, they’re slice and bake! you don’t have to roll them in the sprinkles, but they actually keep the edges from darkening too much. see? totally necessary.

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peanut butter dream bars

October 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

i am such a pushover.

i’ve been putting off making these for the longest time, but the boy begged and begged me to make them and who am i to deny the guy what he wants? in the kitchen, that is.

please don’t think about that too much.

anyway, these are pretty much deadly. if you make them around new year’s, they’re what i would call “resolution killers.” the first step in the recipe is to mix crushed chocolate chip cookies with butter, if that’s any indication, and it doesn’t really get any more acceptable from there (see filling instructions: mix peanut butter with sugar). but the result… ohh, it’s divine. but seriously – i tasted the crust as i was patting it into the pan and i’m pretty sure i heard my new free people skinny jeans running for their life.


they’re best kept in the freezer because this way, they can’t stare you down. i hate it when baked things do that.

and since i know you’re wondering, i’ll just come clean. yes, they have approximately 3,257 calories each (give or take), though i’ve heard that if you share one, the damage is practically zero. so go ahead, make them!

but hey, don’t let me talk you into it.


new camera (squeee!)

August 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

perhaps a better title for this post would be “where i obsessively take pictures of food and try not to get sauce on my lens.”

“try” being the operative word here. so far, so good.

here are a couple of my first snaps. i’m still trying to learn all of the settings but it’s mostly been trial and error so far. hope you like!

salt cod fritter at bar bocce in sausalito

marble potato, smoked bacon and fontina pizza, also at bar bocce

asparagus gruyere tart, burnt end not pictured. recipe here.

fresh black mission figs, destined for a salad with prosciutto and chopped pistachios. most of them made it 🙂

now i just need to find a stylish camera bag. please tell me one exists!

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