outfit obsessed.

December 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

what do i love more than gift guides? lookbooks! well, that and the already-styled outfits that can be found on most of my favorite window-shopping sites. i’m not one to plan out an outfit completely but i do like having a bank of inspiration at my disposal so my mornings don’t involve a pile of reject outfits left on the bed… not that i’ve ever done before…

tangent: now that i’m working again, getting dressed in the mornings has been kind of fun – it reminds me of when i started my first job here in sf, and i was really obsessed with gossip girl and wore skirts, tights, heels and blazers every day… seems like so long ago! i don’t know what it is, but strolling down maiden lane (where my office is located) in shoes that only sort of hurt my feet makes me feel like… me again. it’s nice.

anyway, here are some looks i’m loving these days… nothing too trendy, mostly really good basics with some stripes for good measure… keep in mind necklines/hemlines can be adjusted for workplace appropriateness 🙂

where do you get outfit inspiration? celebrities? blogs? window shopping? any favorite sites? do tell 🙂

photo credits: shopbop/j.crew/olsens anonymous/alice + olivia/mtv

confetti love

October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

i really, really love confetti.

(photo by dh kong)

like.. a lot. the above photo was taken at a job i had a few years ago, when we were filming a quick video… a clown was involved. and a bounce house. we were all standing around at the end of the day, surveying the confetti explosion that had happened, and i sort of… jumped into it. with the office dog. for no reason.

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get mad

September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

i have been watching a completely unhealthy and often times ridiculous amount of “mad men” lately. we won’t get into numbers here but let’s just say i’m almost done with season 4 and i only began watching the series back in august. you do the math. in my defense, we’re cancelling netflix soon so i’m determined to get my money’s worth.

in other news, i painted my nails with sparkly gold glitter the other day (between episodes, of course) and i kind of like them. they make me feel put together when i’m bumming around in a robe and gym shorts – though i did step out for an interview yesterday, so perhaps my days spent in mismatched loungewear are numbered. i can only hope.

back to mad men. the show is pure eye candy, and i’m not just talking about jon hamm (drool). it’s so rich with detail that i often find myself forgetting about the stories and focusing on the set design and impeccably styled outfits instead, which means lots of rewinding. it’s really getting in the way of my rigorous television schedule, if you can imagine.

here are a couple of mad men-inspired things i’m currently craving…

mad men

bb dakota classic stunner dress, $92 at modcloth. so portrait-ready with an updo, vintage belt, and textured tights.

j. crew mona pumps, $248. appropriately satiny and mustard-hued (the squeeze-bottle variety, of course).

nars pure matte lipstick in carthage, $25 at barneys. perfect for a demure yet notice-me pop of color.

champagne toast bracelet by carolee, $45 at bloomingdale’s. to be worn on your champagne-holding hand, naturally.

jacket by tulle, $95. cute, cozy, and the perfect cover-up for a shoulder-baring, curve-hugging dress.

bow bridge kennedy satchel, $445 at kate spade. equal parts work and play in a sturdy yet delicate silhouette.

city storyteller scarf, $52 at madewell. this is kitschy, vintage-inspired charm done right.

…and a typewriter, so you can come up with the winning pitch, get promoted and treat yourself to everything on this list!

inspired by…

September 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

this guy.

paddington bear and i were friends when i was little. he sat on the table in the corner of my room next to my bed, nestled between a (then) life-sized mickey mouse cassette player and a basket teeming with my little ponies of every size and shade. but then, he met the fate that most of my stuffed toys did, in the form of a neurotic (albeit very sweet) sheltie named biscuit with a penchant for plush bear ears.*


every fall, i get a hankering for a good toggle coat. burberry makes a fabulously authentic one, but i can’t fathom spending that much on something i’ll only wear half the year. (oh wait… this is san francisco. shhh.)

but then i saw this:

it’s from delias! excuse me, dELiAs. and it’s $99.50 (but i’m feeling lucky and thinking a coupon code will appear any day now, wink wink). i haven’t ordered from delias since i was thirteen years old. i would “read” (hah) it over and over on the car rides between skating practice and school, circling the tees and jeans i HAD had had to have. uhh… that doesn’t sound like anyone i know, nope nope..

some renditions of paddington (his cousins, perhaps) feature the beloved bear with a carry-on of sorts. my pick? this bookish bag from cambridge satchel company. it comes in a bevy of colors from classic to fluorescent, and while brown would be the practical way to go, something about the orange is calling my name.

this would be the smart choice.

but this is just so spontaneous and modern. too much? 🙂

onto the shoes. red hunter wellies would be oh-so-proper, wouldn’t they? my short green ones are anxiously awaiting some rain (read: me, not so much) so i’d opt for these cranberry-colored marais usa flats.

well, i guess we know who i have to thank for my current style inclinations.

*…if only he could hear me.

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