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January 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

a couple of weeks ago, the boy and i stepped into west elm where i sort of went a little nuts. you see, i love that place. i would move in if they would let me, except… i don’t want to live in emeryville. dealbreaker. i’ve also resigned myself to the fact that my place will never look like their catalog – our design tastes don’t exactly overlap very often, and as a result our decor “situation” isn’t exactly cohesive (read: you wouldn’t know a girl lived here unless you looked in the closet…okay and maybe the bathroom). we left empty-handed and on the ride home, i’m pretty sure i had a decor identity crisis. it was fun for all… i assure you.

when we got home, the boy went to sleep and i placed an order online (heh heh). all was well in the world! and when the package(s) finally arrived and i had set everything out, he actually sort of approved, meaning nothing “disappeared” the next day.

west elm chevron bath mat, anthropologie towels (similar here), mor hand/body wash

ikea striped throw (also featured here), west elm bijoux dots and triangle pillows

yeah. there are a lot of fake dogs in this household (not shown: z gallerie pug bookends).


currently loving..

December 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

here are a handful things making me happy this week – a mix of products, edibles and other fun finds. perhaps this will be a regular installment… we shall see!

1. cup after steamy paper cup of candy cane lane green tea:

i love love love peppermint, especially during the holidays. this tea isn’t super pepperminty – just enough to be refreshing, and the green tea flavor is mild and pleasant. plus, it’s decaf, so i can drink it in the office all day (literally) while i’m freezing under my coat that i also happen to be using as a blanket. i’m tempted to steep a bag in a cup of low-cal hot cocoa… ohhh dear, i think i’m stopping at walgreens tomorrow morning. it’s going to happen. (it’s all about the little things.)

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a zara find

November 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

…or something like that.

i wouldn’t exactly call myself a handbag person – sure, the occasional carryall might capture my attention for a moment but my gaze is usually deflected to the nearest pair of shoes or sparkly object. what can i say. then i saw this bag at zara, and it seemed to stick in my mind for longer than usual. something about the randomly placed neon pink elastic called out to me, which is completely and admittedly weird but makes enough sense in my head. it arrived today (free shipping, so dangerous!) and the quality is surprisingly good for a $26 clutch. it’s soft, slightly slouchy and can be carried with or without the adjustable strap, and the pop of pink provides a satisfying contrast. in other words, i’m impressed.

and now… i really need to clean off my nightstand.

let’s talk about… socks!

November 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

socks – at least for me – tend to be a sartorial afterthought, an accessory borne of necessity, a layer between my feet and my flats – and that’s it. yeah, the socks i wear with my frye boots are the same kind i begrudgingly stuff into my nikes. weird? who knows.

um.. hello polka dots and stripes! turns out, when socks look like this, the stuff i said before becomes kind of irrelevant. i found these at h&m and quickly scooped them up, conveniently ignoring the fact that i have no clue what to wear them with, beyond pajamas..

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never never land

October 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

sometimes the sweetest part of a day is finding an outdoor patch with just the right amount of sunshine pouring in through the (still green) trees.

[finally, a peter pan collar that doesn’t make me look five]

it’s kind of like when dogs pace around until they find the sunniest spot in the house, and promptly settle down for a snooze, you know? pure bliss.

oook. as long as there are days like this, i can wait a little longer for chilly weather.. except i wasted no time in scooping up the moccasins from that post where all i wanted to do was snuggle up with tea, cookies and a fox pillow. oops.

[plaid shirt, madewell. sunglasses, fred flare. jeans, free people. shoes, minnetonka]

that’s all for now. just wanted to share some sunshine before the fog rolls back in. have a lovely day, wherever you are!

hello! and a lovely sunday.

August 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

hello! welcome to my little blog.

this is me 🙂

i’ve dabbled in a fair bit of blogging in the past, but never really maintained a blog of my own, so here goes!

today was one of those sundays that every weekend should have, for no particular reason. it began with pie – actually that probably explains a lot of it – as all good days should. it sounds glamorous, but really just entailed my friend (baker of said pie) and i standing at my kitchen counter in pajamas, eating appetizer-sized forkfuls of apricot pie out of mini anthropologie cups. hey, if you’re going to be lazy, you may as well do it in style (or so they say).

then we were off to the ferry building! in a perfect world i would begin each day wandering from shop to shop, with a cup of blue bottle coffee in one hand and a miette macaron in the other, or maybe one of those funny little cones filled with salumi. okay, maybe just once a week. that whole place, touristy as it may be, has a certain charm that gets me every time.

a hop, skip and a jump later, we ended up at madewell… and this happened:

a skirt with perfectly imperfect spots – i can’t wait to pair it with tights in the fall! and a plaid top with the sweetest rounded collar.

..and then a quick tip-toe through kate spade, where i scooped up the 2011 wall calendar (i realize this is a bit nuts seeing as it is august and all).

i had to do a fair bit of cajoling to convince the boyfriend that our apartment needs twelve kate spade art prints framed and scattered across our walls, but i think i may have succeeded. i mean, i baked sprinkle-topped sugar cookies and everything. those are convincing in and of themselves. apartment decor negotiation is no joke, i tell you.

bye for now!

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