cookie decorating for lazy bakers

December 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

i love the idea of meticulously decorated cookies, but the process makes me nervous.

here’s what i do.

step 1: bake cookies. i used target’s store brand sugar cookie mix – super easy and just as good, if not better than scratch. there is a time and a place for store-bought mixes. this is one of them!

step 2: prep your icing. if you’re using store-bought, microwave a small amount for a few seconds to thin it out. if you want to make your own, mix powdered sugar with a little bit of milk until it’s goopy (yes, goopy) enough to brush on your cookies. it should have the consistency of glue. sniff sniff. yum.

step 3: take a plate and start pouring on your sprinkles. the more colors and textures, the better! swoosh (yes, swoosh) them around a little so they mix and mingle and start to look happy.

step 4: take a (cooled) cookie and brush on some icing, allowing the excess to drip off. then, face plant the cookie (yes, face plant) onto the mess of sprinkles you just made, and allow it to set. repeat for the rest of your cookies, mixing up the sprinkles every so often to form different patterns.

step 5: don’t cry when they break in the car on the way to the party.

i didn’t have any holiday cookie cutters so i used a golden retriever one. naturally.

step 6: vacuum. unless you like funfetti carpets. i don’t like any carpets, for the record, but it’s what we have. gah.

i also whipped up a batch of cupcakes (from scratch – i used this recipe for the cake and this one for the frosting)

coconut-topped vanilla cupcakes…

and sugar sprinkle-topped!

and a dozen banana bread muffins – i used a food network recipe, stirred in a few tablespoons of trader joe’s cocoa almond spread (mentioned here), and topped them with slivered almonds and sugar sprinkles. i don’t even like banana bread and these were wonderful!

aaand i’m done baking for awhile.


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