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December 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

here are a handful things making me happy this week – a mix of products, edibles and other fun finds. perhaps this will be a regular installment… we shall see!

1. cup after steamy paper cup of candy cane lane green tea:

i love love love peppermint, especially during the holidays. this tea isn’t super pepperminty – just enough to be refreshing, and the green tea flavor is mild and pleasant. plus, it’s decaf, so i can drink it in the office all day (literally) while i’m freezing under my coat that i also happen to be using as a blanket. i’m tempted to steep a bag in a cup of low-cal hot cocoa… ohhh dear, i think i’m stopping at walgreens tomorrow morning. it’s going to happen. (it’s all about the little things.)

2. my new free people vegan leather skirt:

it’s the closest thing i’ll ever be to vegan… and the closest thing to skirt perfection. the only thing wrong with it is that i bought it full price on black friday. oooops. but honestly, it goes with everything, and feels oh-so buttery, and doesn’t look like pleather, and at no point did it belong to a cow. win.

3. trader joe’s cocoa almond spread, and a spoon:

no link… just go to TJ’s and buy it. if you just saw this and thought, “wow, this must taste like nutella’s american cousin and i want to eat it by the spoonful… standing at the counter” then we have a lot in common. i think i actually prefer nutella, but this is a delightful change and i’ll probably end up baking with it… if there’s any left by the time i get around to that.

4. e.l.f. essential lash and brow clear mascara:

so… this stuff is $1. i didn’t have high hopes for it for that reason but i swipe this over my brows and lashes before i apply mascara in the morning and i’m convinced it has brightening powers – my eyes just look more awake. yay. plus, did i mention it’s $1? who doesn’t love a cheap thrill? i found it at target.

5. acrylic salad servers from leif:

i bought similar ones as a gift and i’m thinking about going back for more – these are so, so fun! they’re a bit of a splurge, but unbelievably unique and could possibly convince me to eat more salad. or at least serve more salad to someone else. the glittery tart servers are on my list too..

that’s all for this time 🙂 tell me.. would you want to see more posts like this?

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