October 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

i love madeleines – those delicate seashell-shaped, almond-kissed sponge cookies that are irresistible whether they’re homemade or sitting pretty next to the bananas at starbucks… you know the kind. the name itself is just so dainty and chic too – something i’d love to give to a small, prissy little canine, or perhaps a great dane because that would be silly and unexpected.


i baked up a batch using this recipe* and burned approximately two thirds of them, and felt the seven non-blackened ones deserved special treatment. i present you with…

manicured madeleines. what did you expect?

nothing is safe from the sprinkles in this kitchen.

i used one of those teeny gelato spoons to spread a very thin layer of honey on the cooled cookies, and then pressed the tips into a shallow bowl of sprinkles.

and… there you have it! pretty little cookies that will dot your tongue with artificial rainbows of sugary goodness. enjoy with a cold glass of milk and a bendy straw.

*modifications: i omitted the lemon zest and substituted almond extract for the vanilla.


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