pretty happy things (and a plea)

September 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

my freelance writing gig is ending this week (cue major sad face) so between the frantic google searching and resume-prettifying, i’m trying to keep my head up and focus on happy little things.

oookay, i sort of lied.  i really just wanted an excuse to post pretty pictures. in all honesty i’m about to enter freak-out mode. playing with the camera sort of keeps me sane, and come monday morning when i don’t plunk myself into an office chair, i can take it on walks around the neighborhood and we’ll keep each other company.

do i need a dog or what.

anyway. happy things! like…

wearable animals (and already-chipped DIY manicures):

[banana republic edition horse ring, j. crew dog necklaces]

fall outfit inspiration…

[fall textures and tones- sequins, corduroy, plaid and olive]

questionable stuffed toys…

and anything with sprinkles.

rainbow sprinkles = instant happy. it’s a fact. i always, always have them on hand. sometimes i sprinkle them on my oatmeal.

i’m totally kidding. i have thought about it though.

hire me?

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§ 3 Responses to pretty happy things (and a plea)

  • Ida says:

    Hello Lisanne! i love your blog! And i love this post .. such cute jewelry. I’m job-less myself at the moment. Fun-employment??? Not so much, but in the meantime … blog! =)

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